Chuck has been enjoying wine for many years but as he puts it: "only started tasting it nine years ago".  With a growing appetite for knowledge of all things wine, Chuck is a sponge soaking up varietals from all over the world.  He treats this site much like a personal tasting journal.  
Closing in on his mid-thirties, but with maturity beyond his age, and a liver he is willing to put to the test, Chuck welcomes you to
At a Glance
Palate old world
Favorite Varietals/Styles barolo, zinfandel, ripasso, tempranillo
Bottles Cellared 75+
Other Interests guitar, homebrewing, construction



Sean never misses a chance to open a bottle of wine. Hang around him and eventually you will hear “Sparkling wine isn’t just for special occasions” or “Life is too short not to drink wine”. Sean likes to think about all the people, effort and natural forces that went in to producing a great bottle. He really enjoys learning and talking about the technique to making wine, once you get him started he admits he can’t stop.
Sean completed the first level of studies at The International Sommelier Guild.
At a Glance
Palate new world
Favorite Varietals/Styles cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, viognier
Bottles Cellared 300+
Other Interests running, cooking, equestrian


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