Farnese Sangiovese Daunia 2006

This sangiovese is very well structured for a wine priced under 8 dollars a bottle. Another nice feature of Italian wines is that they’re easy to pair with food, Italian food. Them’s the rules…I don’t make ‘em :)
For another excellent value try this vino by Spinelli ( however we do find the Farnese more refined ). What adds to this bottle’s attractivness is it’s high availability, price point and the wide range of foods it pairs with.
Tip: buy a magnum, it’s great even after being left open on the counter for a day
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, rhubarb, gentle bitterness
Smell sour cherry, tobacco, leather
Food veal parm, pizza
Sweetness dry
Price $7.40
LCBO# 512327
Score 4

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4 Responses to “Farnese Sangiovese Daunia 2006”

  1.  dave Says:

    The 2007 vintage of this is actually quite good. Initially not all that much to write home about, but at $7.50 it’s not to be expected. However, after a night in the open bottle, it settled down, mellowed out and started showing it’s cards. The tannins settled down and rounded out, and I detected hints of dark chocolate and cherry. Not a bad bottle at all — especially for $7.50!

  2.  Harold Wallace Says:

    Where do I buy it???

  3.  Chuck Says:

    If you’re in Ontario, All LCBO stores carry it. Otherwise you can ask your local wine shop about it. It’s widely available

  4.  Ron Says:

    Yes. It’s a great go to vino for nice comfort foods like the my Chicken Cacciatore. Nice tannins and the price point is excellent.

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