Voga Pinot Grigio

We eat with our eyes, and shop with them too. A lot of fuss has been made online about the shape of this bottle. Well the bottle is cute, and reminds me of VOSS Water from Norway, which if you like trends than this is right up your alley. However, I’m more interested in what is in the bottle, as you should be too. I had major issues with this wine, so much so that I had to pickup a second bottle and recruit two regular wine drinkers (thanks Dana & Lauren) to provide a second opinion.
Seeing as the bottle is very non-traditional, I was surprised to find a stopper in it. This was just the beginning of what was becoming an awkward experience. The next item at issue was the smell. Pinot Grigio is known for a subtle, slightly floral or citrus leaf scent. The key to that last sentence was the word ’subtle’. I was greeted by an aggressive burnt wood scent, which seemed to be competing with Lemon Pledge. My volunteer tasters both noted the strange aroma, and were somewhat baffled by it. Finally we tasted. The first sip was, shall we say…unpleasant. But, this is where things begun to change. The second and third sips improved to the point where the wine became enjoyable. To describe the first sip, we settled on comparing it to the aftertaste of eating a sour candy, which to some isn’t always a bad thing.

We are careful when we encounter a wine that doesn’t live up to our expectations, especially those receiving a lot of media attention, but this just isn’t a winner in our books. Especially for the price.

Your thoughts and comments on this wine are much appreciated!

Tip: chill well
At a Glance
Taste green apple, lemon, citric acid
Smell burnt wood, chemical
Food seafood
Sweetness off dry
Price $13.50
LCBO# 669226
Score 1.5
Voga Pinot Grigio

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19 Responses to “Voga Pinot Grigio”

  1.  Debbie Says:

    I purchased a bottle of Voga Italia Pinot Grigio for something different, and yes the bottle was one of the reasons. I also usually bought Australian wines and thought I would get this because it was an Italian wind. The only thing I can say about it is it reminded me of sneaking a sip of my mothers cooking wine when I was a child. There was a sodium taste that was just too overwhelming for me. I will not purchase it again.

  2.  Nadine Says:

    I wholeheartedly agre with your review. Voga is an over-rated, over-priced, over-acidified wine. You pay for the bottle with this wine, and what could you do with it when it’s empty? It’s not a collector’s bottle to me.

  3.  wendy Says:

    My favorite wine!!!!!1 Goes with sll fishes and all poultry dishes. I have many friends now hooked.

  4.  wine lover Says:

    I thought this wine was excellant i loved the taste of the wine.

  5.  Terri Says:

    I quite disagree with your assessment of Voga Pinot Grigio. My fondness for italian whites include Vernaccia, Terra DiTuffi (spell) and I found this a very enjoyable, light tasty wine. The bottle to me is not of importance as is the smell, flavor and after taste. I throughly enjoyed this wine and in fact bought two bottles. But this is just my opinion.

  6.  littlecorgi Says:

    I may not have sophisticated knowledge about wines, but this is my current favourite by far! It’s light, smooth, easy to drink, and (here I beg to differ) tastes great! I’ve found my prior favs (Riesling, Chardonnay) a bit too heavy now. The Voga blush wine (currently unavilable where I live) to be the VERY best I’ve ever tasted, and Voga Quattro is one of the few red wines I can drink.

  7.  Andrew Says:

    I had a glass at a local restaurant, thy didn have a very big selection and this was one of their best so I figured what the hell but first the smell was so strong and the taste was just weird, I tried to match it wih my dish but the wine was just not a player in this game

  8.  Marie Says:

    I bought this wine solely on the bottle, I admit it. Something about the taste is very off to me. May just be personal preference.

  9.  Heather Says:

    This is my favorite wine! I am defiantly a promoter! Ice cold tastes the best!

  10.  Nancy Says:

    After reading this review i have to agree, there is a inconsistent smell and taste upon the opening of each bottle of wine. The norm being a flowery bouquet but after recently purchasing my last bottle of wine it was so over powering with the smell of burnt wood, I found it to be a wine i could not serve. Secondly the navigation and contact info for a further follow up was not user friendly and difficult to use.

  11.  Josie Says:

    Sorry, but I have to disagree, had it for the first time Christmas Eve and thought the taste was smooth and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  12.  Stacy Says:

    I picked up the pinot and the merlot while in Fla at our hotel… and we made good use out of the unique screw top enclosures(as a cup). I thought it was a bottle of perfume at first. We thought the wine was better than any Cavit or yellowtail we have had before. I just came on here to see where we can find it near home and noticed the negativity and felt obligated to share my thoughts. The nay sayers should try it again and see the quality. Maybe since 2010 & 11 the product has improved??
    We are getting some tonight….

  13.  Stacy Says:

    Oopps…. forgot to add the stars :)

  14.  Nicole Says:

    My aunt and I found this wine one today,
    We both loved it!!! She went out and bought another
    Enjoy it !!
    I bought it bc my husband drinks voss water and I
    Thought it was cute! Will be buying again!!

  15.  Claude Says:

    This is one of my favorite white wines

  16.  Ellie Armstrong Says:

    A friend gave us a bottle as a hostess gift. Loved it, smooth, pleasant fruity taste. Will buy for ourselves. 5 stars

  17.  Kendraleigh Says:

    I enjoy this wine. Though I am not an avid wine drinker per se, I truly enjoy this. But I agree to many posts on here, it tastes the best when it is very very cold! I tasted it at a restaurant and from that day forward, I have bought plenty of more :)

  18. This has become our favorite white wine. To each his own I guess.

  19.  Jess Says:

    Love this wine!!:) we will be serving this the Quattro and rose at our wedding!!:)

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