Toronto Water Profile for Homebrew Beer

Date January 7, 2005 | Chuck | Beer & Homebrew

Modifying your water profile is one of the last hurdles for an advanced homebrewer.  Changing your water will not make a bad beer good.  It will make a great beer...fantastic.


Your city's water profile will affect your final beer.  You can manipulate how a beer is perceived by fine tuning your water's mineral profile.  For example: higher calcium and sulfate levels can make your hops and bitterness brighter and less will lend itself to a maltier beer.


To help me figure out the amount by weight of my water additions I use EZWaterCalculator.  There's also the popular Bru'n Water (more powerful but has a big learning curve).  Having tried both, I've found the numbers come out very close. 

City of Toronto
  Toronto Water
June 2015
Ward Labs 2014
3rd Party Analysis
Calcium (Ca ppm) 34.1 41
Magnesium (Mg ppm) 8.78 11
Sodium 13.7 18
Chloride (Cl ppm) 26.5 27
Sulfate (SO4 ppm) 28 11
Bicarbonate (HCo3) ? 113
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) ? 202
Total Alkalinity (CaCO3) 87.8 93
pH 7.56 7.6


Link: Toronto Water Quality Website




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