Beer Hop Smell Test

Date January 9, 2005 | Chuck | Beer & Homebrew

Hops have many uses in beer making.  They can be used to add bitterness, flavour and aroma.  They can be added in the boil, whirlpool, hopstand or after fermentation happens (know as dry hopping).  Now that you know this, saying a beer is 'hoppy' doesn't make a ton on sense because some people consider hoppy to be very bitter while others use the term to describe a strong hop aroma (late kettle/dry hop).


Below are my notes and reviews for hops I've been using.


Purchased in 2016
Name (Year) Characteristics Rating out of 3
Cascade (2015)  orange, light tropical ♥♥♥
Citra (2015) tropical, citrus, mandarin ♥♥♥
Columbus (2015) dank, pine, grapefruit ♥♥
Galaxy (2015) tropical, citrus, lime, fruit ♥♥♥
East Kent Goldings (2014) earth, forrest ♥♥
Northern Brewer (2014) forrest, grapefruit ♥♥
Mosaic (2015) ..coming soon..  


Purchased in 2015
Name (Year) Characteristics Rating out of 3
Amarillo (2014) Resiny Citrus, Floral, Earth ♥♥.5
Cascade (2014) Grapefruit, Citrus, Light Pine ♥♥♥
Centennial (2014) Floral, Citrus ♥♥
Centennial Type (2013) Light Grapefruit, Slight Lemon Citrus ♥♥.5
Chinook (2014) Pine Tree,  Grapefruit ♥♥
Columbus (2014) Pine Resin, Light Fruit ♥♥
Falconers Flight (2013) Earthy, Citrus, Spice ♥♥
Simcoe (2013) Young Sweet Pine, Light Grass ♥♥♥
Sorachi Ace JP (2013) Lemon, Light Citrus ♥♥
Summit (2012-2013) Onion, Light Garlic, Woods
Orbit NZ (2014) Juicy Fruit, Peach, Tropical, Light Butter ♥♥♥
Waimea NZ (2014) Honeydew, Juicy Fruit, Peach, Light Grass ♥♥.5
Wakatu NZ (2014) Lime, Light Citrus ♥♥





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