$3 Wine?!?

Date September 28, 2008 | Sean | Editorials & Special Features
While on business in Chicago last week I encountered the much talked about "Three Buck Chuck".  Living in a highly controlled and highly taxed part of the world where wine is concerned you can imagine I almost fainted at the site of wine at $2.99.  After my colleague convinced me that I wouldn't be able to carry the 70 cases I was protecting like a rabid dog on a bone, snarling and growling at passers by I picked up just one bottle. The wine was a Cabernet Sauvignon from California produced under the brand Charles Shaw.  As this wine isn't available in Ontario I had to try a bottle and report back to nosnob.com readers. I didn't get my hopes up thinking I discovered Chateau Petrus for $3.00.  But I was surprised that it wasn't just alcoholic purple water.  It had many Cab Sauv characteristics, smelled okay and tasted okay.  While nothing really stood out about this wine, it was a novelty at $2.99.  If you're having a big party, making Sangria or boiling pasta in wine this will do in a pinch.


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