$1.99 - are you frigging kidding me!?!

Date May 25, 2009 | Sean | Editorials & Special Features
I’m in sunny California this week and of course had to check out Trader Jo’s to see what the wine situation is out here. California Merlot for $1.99 – nope that isn’t a typo – one dollar and ninety-nine cents. Of course I purchased a bottle and rushed back to the hotel, which apparently is some kind of purgatory because I do not have cork screw! The front desk does not have a cork screw! None of the frightened guests on my floor have a cork screw (they get so edgy when you bang on their doors demanding sharp objects)! At this point your wondering how I am without bottle opening implements...the FAA and airport security are so damn picky about these things. I don’t have high expectations, but I’ll take one for the team. $1.99, WTF. 1.99 Wine


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