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Folonari Valpolicella 2009

Date September 27, 2010 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

Even though there isn't a lot going on in the glass, it's not a bad choice at all for casual bbq food. Not sure if this is really LCBO #828 or what I have listed below, the price difference is 4 more dollars.
This valpolicella is a blend of 65% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 10% Molinara
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste cherry, oak
Smell cherry, oak, raspberry
Food pizza, burgers
Sweetness dry
Price $8.00
LCBO# 6254

Remo Farina Valpolicella Ripasso 2005

Date March 1, 2009 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

This DOC Italian ripasso was received very well by everyone at the table. The re-passing (ripasso) technique involves a second fermentaion on the leftover grape skins of Amarone giving it a deeper colour, fuller body, aroma and flavour. Also watch for hints of perrer and ginger.
Grapes used: Corvina 65%, Rondinella 20%, Molinara 5%, altri vitigni (others) 10%
Tip: Release Date - Nov 8, 2008
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, anise, light oak
Smell black cherry, plum, tar
Food red meat, cheese, portobello mushrooms
Sweetness dry
Price $16.95
LCBO# 999946

Masi Campofiorin 2004

Date October 2, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

This is the 34th vintage of this supervenetian comprised of: 70% Corvina, 25% Rondinella and 5% Molinara. This wine is made using the appasimento technique (double fermentation) and the result is a full bodied wine with soft tannins. There are hints of the following: resin, jam, violet and a tangy finish.
This wine will pair very well with a variety of foods including: red meat, sharp cheeses, osso bucco, wild mushroom risotto and veal parm.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, oak, prune
Smell raisin, mulberry, light oak
Food red meat, steak, sharp cheese, veal
Sweetness dry
Price $17.45
LCBO# 155051

Corte Zovo Sa' Solin Ripasso Della Valpolicella 2004

Date September 6, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

This DOC bottle comes all the way from the birthplace of ripasso, Veneto, Italy.  It's a tannic, medium to full bodied wine that would go very well with heavy beef dishes.
Hats off any winemaker that can achieve such smoothness while having an alcohol content of 14.5%, learn from my experience...drink slowly.  The price jump of 2 dollars from the 2003 vintage was sad to see, in Ontario: c'est la vie.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste rasin, cherry, black licorice
Smell blackberry, cherry, coffee
Food beef dishes, sheppards pie
Sweetness extra dry
Price $17.95
LCBO# 650713

Valpantena Torre Del Falasco Valpolicella Ripasso 2005

Date May 14, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

Ripasso is known as the 'Baby Amarone'. Allow me to drop a little knowledge here. Amarone in my books is the lobster/caviar/cadillac of wines and with that label, goes a price tag that is not everyday affordable (at least for me). That said, when I buy ripasso, I always feel as if I'm getting a terrific deal.
Ripasso starts as valpolicella, but during fermentation the winemaker adds the unpressed skins from their prior batch of amarone and restarts the fermentation process. The addition of the amarone skins (which are simply dried grape skins) gives the valpolicella a fuller body, more complex aromas, deeper flavours and a little more alcohol.  Presto! your medium bodied valpolicella just became a chewy, full-bodied ripasso.
Tip: LBCO wine of the month (March 2008)
At a Glance
Taste ripe red berry, raisin, leather
Smell casis, rasin
Food filet mignon, gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce
Sweetness dry
Price $17.95
LCBO# 642421

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