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Yellow Tail Merlot 2014

Date March 27, 2015 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

Well, trying this bottle was a long time coming.  Yellow Tail certainly has their fans, but I am not one of them.  You don't need to be a wine taster to notice there's a noticeable heat (alcohol) on the nose and palate.  Along with overwhelming notes of vanilla and oak to throw this wine completely off balance.
When you get into mass produced wine, you're likely blending juices from various sources.  Like too many cooks in the kitchen, it makes a mess.  Alcohol/Vol 13%
At a Glance
Taste young cherry, alcohol, vanilla
Smell vanilla, mulberry, oak
Food hotdogs
Sweetness off dry
Price $11.95
LCBO# 625350

J.J. McWilliams Cabernet Merlot 2011

Date July 12, 2013 | Chuck | Australia & Red Blend & Red Wine

Pickup a few bottles of this well rounded value red wine.  It was easy drinking and turned out to be a crowd pleaser.
Alcohol Content: 13%
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste pomegranate, oak. blueberry
Smell blackberry, cherry, spice
Food pizza
Sweetness dry
Price $10.45
LCBO# 621599

McWilliams Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Date May 16, 2013 | Chuck | Australia & Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Wine

Overall a decent weekday wine.  Not a lot of structure or depth but worth picking up a bottle if you're looking for a different general list cabernet sauvignon priced around 15 bucks.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste strawberry, raspberry, spice
Smell blueberry, oak, dark cherry
Food sandwiches
Sweetness dry
Price $15.00
LCBO# 214577

Hardys Bankside Shiraz 2009

Date October 11, 2011 | Chuck | Australia & Red Wine & Shiraz

A great Aussie shiraz for the price, I can recommend buying a couple for the rack.
Works as a nice benchmark shiraz for beginners and intermediate wine lovers.
Tip: Stock up on a few
At a Glance
Taste dark currant, medium berry, warm spice
Smell raspberry, leather, dark chocolate
Food red meat, bbq, ribs
Sweetness dry
Price $14.95
LCBO# 436022

Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet 2006

Date January 8, 2010 | Chuck | Australia & Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Wine & Shiraz

Overall a fairly well rounded blend, although the two varietals together made me lean towards a merlot; since the shiraz's pepper notes weren't announcing themselves loudly.  Medium oak and rich plum were the center of attention in this bottle.
The bottle says this wine has won a few Asian awards...maybe my food pairing was wrong...lemme know!
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste dark fruit, oak, plum
Smell plum, dark berry, black cherry
Food grilled lamb chops
Sweetness dry
Price $12.45
LCBO# 106377

D'arenberg The Stump Jump White 2007

Date March 16, 2009 | Sean | Australia & White Blend & White Wine

The thermometer broke the 0 mark this weekend, which means its time to get ready for summer by chilling some white wine. Wanting to ease in to the white wine season I picked a blend hoping for something easy going and well rounded.  This wine certainly achieved this.  Like it's name, it did jump out of the glass, but in a good way.
Comprised of 62% Riesling, 18% Sauvignon Blanc, 8% Marsanne, 6% Viognier and 6% Chardonnay
Tip: Chill Well
At a Glance
Taste mixed citrus, lemon, light oak
Smell gooseberry, pear
Food cashews, tart fruit
Sweetness dry
Price $14.95
LCBO# 922203
Bottle Image

Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz 2005

Date June 27, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Red Wine & Shiraz

Australia is a great place to pickup a shiraz, and for general list, this one's not bad but I was expecting a little more balance on the tannin side and was left wanting more of a pepper note which this varietal is so famous for.
As far as shiraz goes, this one is easy drinking and smooth. My thoughts are this vintage is slightly overpriced, but I suppose someone's gotta pay for this fancy bottle :)
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, vanilla, dark fruit
Smell ripe dark fruit, subtle spice
Food lamb
Sweetness dry
Price $15.85
LCBO# 302349

The Little Penguin Merlot 2007

Date May 29, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

This wine has it's place, picnic barbecues. It also has it's place with the many other merlots from companies who choose to name their product after animals or something cutesy. If you're a buyer of these wines and enjoy them, give this one a shot, I found it much more enjoyable than the merlot by yellow tail, and it's a whole nickel cheaper - I'm probably paying for the name ;)
To watch for: how this wine is sweet on the attack but finishes with a slight bitter note.
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste cherry, raspberry, vanilla
Smell cherry, berry
Food picnic food
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.15
LCBO# 598912

Hope Estate Shiraz 2006

Date May 18, 2008 | Sean | Australia & Red Wine & Shiraz

Picked up this wine on a Friday night after a long and exhausting work week. It was one of several that made it in to the basket somewhere between some inexpensive Sangiovese and some white stuff. Talk about a rose between two thorns.
The moment the cork came out of the bottle I knew something was up, which immediately prompted a call to Chuck telling him to get to the liquor store. This is a very lively and expressive wine, full of fruit and spices with a nice bold middle and easy finish. It had all the hallmarks of Shiraz but with a something a little more interesting that kept me coming back for more. 6 bottles will me making their way in to my collection for sure.
Tip: I'm a very picky Shiraz drinker, loved this one.
At a Glance
Taste wild strawberry, wild raspberry, pepper
Smell black cherry, raspberry, plum
Food mediterranean, bbq
Sweetness extra dry
Price $16.95
LCBO# 59998
Hope Estate Shiraz

Lindemans Bin 40 Merlot 2006

Date April 24, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

Bursting with ripe plum and dark berry flavours, this off dry Australian merlot can be sipped on it's own or paired with food. Noticeably, this wine is designed to be very palatable from the first pour to the last, it does not open up or oxidize as you make your way through the bottle.
For those taking note, get your pen out, as you could call this wine flabby.  To be balanced, it would need more tannin and acidity.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste grape, plum, vanilla
Smell plum, vanilla, menthol
Food roast beef
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.35
LCBO# 458679

Wolf Blass Eagle Hawk Shiraz 2006

Date April 5, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Red Wine & Shiraz

Wolf Blass' Eagle Hawk shiraz is well crafted and simply put, an excellent value at under $13
This well balanced shiraz is definitely a crowd pleaser. I found it off-dry, fruit forward with a subtle spicy note on the finish along with medium tannins.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste ripe plum, red berries, spice
Smell black cherry, caramel, pepper
Food grilled red meat
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.85
LCBO# 589564

Yellow Tail Chardonnay 2006

Date March 28, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Chardonnay & White Wine

This is my second yellow tail review and I've noticed something similar, these wines don't follow the typical varietal characteristics at all. Both the merlot and this chardonnay tasted too sweet and over manipulated.
It's not a big surprise to me, they say it on the label 'the nose leaps from the glass and displays a peachy, vanilla and coconut aroma'. The first two are fine, I can deal with them. But the coconut triggers something in me that says "don't drink suntan lotion"
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste coconut, apple, vanilla
Smell coconut, butterscotch
Food seafood
Sweetness off dry
Price $11.20
LCBO# 627802

Yellow Tail Merlot 2006

Date February 23, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

Yellow Tail....ahhh, the world's top selling brand. Lets begin.
This is definitely a love it or hate it wine, I found it to be in a class on it's own. If you're a typical merlot drinker, you may not like this one. If you're not a typical wine drinker you may love this wine.
This wine has been labeled as being created in the boardroom rather than in the vineyards (translation: that's what the kids call a 'diss', or what adults call an insult). So they try to appease the masses, good business and it shows, hell, they are the first winery I've found to display Nutritional Information.
Tip: open this bottle up for non-winedrinkers, you just may convert them to the dark side ;)
At a Glance
Taste an entire spice rack, juicy ripe fruit
Smell plum, oak, vanilla
Food bbq
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.20
LCBO# 625350

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