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Growers Honeycrisp Apple Cider

Date November 1, 2016 | Chuck | Cider

If you like sweet ciders, white zinfandel wine or coolers this is your cider.
Has more ingredients than any cider I've seen.
At a Glance
Taste green apple jolly rancher
Smell green apple jolly rancher
Food sandwiches
Sweetness sweet
Price $2.95
LCBO# 374546

Ernest Dry Cider

Date October 21, 2016 | Chuck | Cider

It's dry but certainly not extra dry.  Sugar is added so homebrewers would call this a 'Turbo Cider'
Honey is listed as an ingredient but isn't very noticeable as it ferments out very well.
At a Glance
Taste a tart golden delicious
Smell courtland, empire, light lemon
Food light lunch
Sweetness dry
Price $3.25
LCBO# 466292

Thornbury Cider

Date July 13, 2016 | Chuck | Cider

Drier than Brickworks and Pommies
Leaves a nice tart finish at the back corners of your mouth.
At a Glance
Taste mcintosh, empire, floral
Smell a tart golden delicious
Food salads
Sweetness off dry
Price $3.00
LCBO# 333583

Brickworks Ciderhouse Queen Street 501

Date July 8, 2016 | Chuck | Cider

A blend of 8 Ontario apples.  Tastes great but I'm not sure I believe the ingredient list of 100% apples.  C'mon...not even a stabilizer for an off-dry cider?  I won't believe it unless they list their process. 
At a Glance
Taste green apple, golden apple, light lemon
Smell green apple, golden apple, light lemon
Food salads
Sweetness medium sweet
Price $3.00
LCBO# 413807

Pommies Cider

Date July 7, 2016 | Chuck | Cider

Made from 100% ontario heritage apples, this cider is smooth and easy to drink
At a Glance
Taste golden apples, lemon
Smell golden apples, citrus, lemon
Food salads
Sweetness medium sweet
Price $3.10
LCBO# 453118

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