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Taste Sensation

Date May 16, 2008 | Sean | Editorials & Food Pairing

While Port doesn't usually fall in the sub$20 range, most people (or their parents) seem to have a bottle kicking around. This was passed on to me by a Product Consultant. Take a really good cut of meat, filet mignon perhaps. Get the BBQ screaming hot! Char the hell out of the meat leaving the inside a nice medium-rare. Enjoy with a small glass of port and be prepared for a party in your mouth! (For health and "gross factor" reasons does not suggest eating under cooked meat. Cook red meat to government recommended temperatures...or whatever.)

Sunday Burger and Wine

Date April 6, 2008 | Sean | Editorials & Food Pairing

Finally some spring like weather is upon us, with a high of 13.3 Celsius and sunny it was time to fire up the BBQ. Grilled some hamburgers and topped them with roasted garlic goat cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms accompanied by Laura Hartwig Reserve Merlot 2001. It was a fantastic combo, the salt from the cheese softened the tannins of the wine. The earthy notes complimented the mushrooms giving a rich feel to what would otherwise be a rather ordinary meal. Fire up those BBQ’s and break out some wine. Let us know what wines you like to match with your favorite burger! Weather information provided by

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