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Yellow Tail Merlot 2014

Date March 27, 2015 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

Well, trying this bottle was a long time coming.  Yellow Tail certainly has their fans, but I am not one of them.  You don't need to be a wine taster to notice there's a noticeable heat (alcohol) on the nose and palate.  Along with overwhelming notes of vanilla and oak to throw this wine completely off balance.
When you get into mass produced wine, you're likely blending juices from various sources.  Like too many cooks in the kitchen, it makes a mess.  Alcohol/Vol 13%
At a Glance
Taste young cherry, alcohol, vanilla
Smell vanilla, mulberry, oak
Food hotdogs
Sweetness off dry
Price $11.95
LCBO# 625350

Gray Fox Merlot 2007

Date October 25, 2008 | Chuck | Merlot & Red Wine & USA

Seems like we're having a bit of trouble finding a good house merlot. For such a popular varietal, you'd think we'd have more luck...maybe this varietal is suffering from market saturation.
This particular budget merlot has a light-medium body with medium-light fruit content. It didn't seem very refined and felt rushed out the door. I much prefer their Gray Fox Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste cherry, sour berry
Smell cherry, alcohol, geranium
Food club sandwich
Sweetness dry
Price $7.95
LCBO# 527507

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