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Red Rock Malbec Reserve 2010

Date December 16, 2012 | Chuck | Malbec & Red Wine & USA

While typically not a fan of malbecs, this one is quite good. I liked the fruit forward characteristics of it - which aren't seen in malbecs from places like South America, making this bottle...very...Californian.
I disagree with the LCBO's sweetness descriptor of Extra Dry. Dry it is, Extra it is not.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste mulberry, oak, cherry
Smell mulberry, currant, oak
Food beef, asiago
Sweetness dry
Price $16.95
LCBO# 284315

Rosehall Run Cabernet Franc 2007

Date July 12, 2009 | Chuck | Cabernet Franc & Canada & Red Wine

If you're not a regular Cab Franc buyer, give this bottle one last shot and it may change your mind. The warm growing season allowed the grapes to ripen well and therefore reduce the sometimes overpowering green notes of this varietal.
Vintages Release is on Aug 29, 2009
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste rich red fruit, oak, smoke
Smell black cherry, currant, sweet smoke
Food grilled red meat, game
Sweetness dry
Price $19.95

Hillebrand Trius Cabernet Franc 2004

Date December 20, 2008 | Chuck | Cabernet Franc & Canada & Red Wine

The Trius line is, in my opinion, the most consistent line of products in the general list.  The cab franc being no different, but it is VERY different than your usual dull and overly herbaceous cab francs.
Watch for a hint of clove in the finish.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste blackberries, sweet oak, plum
Smell currant, smoky oak, sweet jam
Food beef, mushroom dishes
Sweetness dry
Price $14.95
LCBO# 587964

Peller Estates Heritage Series Cabernet Franc 2005

Date March 13, 2008 | Chuck | Cabernet Franc & Canada & Red Wine

The noble cab franc is not always a great match for the beginning connoisseur’s palate. This wine like many others has it extremes and unfortunately this wasn’t on the end on the extreme one thrives to be on.
Most aromas and flavours weren’t very pronounced (possibly due to over blending and importing juice). All in all, it’s a fairly inexpensive dry red, however I do like my francs a little more fruit forward.
At a Glance
Taste smokey red and blackberry
Smell currant, spice
Food roast beef
Sweetness dry
Price $11.50

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