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Barefoot Merlot

Date April 11, 2013 | Chuck | Merlot & Red Wine & USA

I've had better bottles from Barefoot.  This one is a pretty simple medium bodied off dry weekday merlot.  Give their Shiraz a go.
Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste cherry, vanilla, chocolate
Smell dark berry, cherry, raspberry
Food bbq lunch
Sweetness off dry
Price $9.95
LCBO# 53991

35 South Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2009

Date July 15, 2012 | Chuck | Cabernet Sauvignon & Chile & Red Wine

A big, fruit forward, juicy cabernet sauvignon from Chile isn't something I've had in years.  They had a good run in 2007-2008 but it's been an uphill battle ever since.  Was pleasantly surprised with this bottle.
A strong red weighing in at 14.0 %
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste rasin, cassis, oak
Smell rasin, dark berry, oak
Food cheese, red meat
Sweetness dry
Price $12.95
LCBO# 170019

Spinelli Malbec 2008

Date October 28, 2010 | Chuck | Italy & Malbec & Red Wine

Glad to announce Spinelli remains one of the LCBO's great bargains. If you aren't a big malbec fan (personally I'm not after all the misses I've had with them) give this a shot because it's not in the traditional style. Much more fruit forward and jammy, almost like a Merlot-Cab-Malbec mix.
This bottle scored extra points because of the price and wide usage as a bottle to open any day of the week or bring over to dinner at a friend's place.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, plum, jam
Smell dark berry, coffee, cigar
Food mexican
Sweetness dry
Price $7.95
LCBO# 143750

Pelee Island Merlot Reserve 2008

Date January 17, 2010 | Chuck | Canada & Merlot & Red Wine

Well this VQA is alright to drink but it's not giving me a whole lot to write about...It's a middle of the road, classic Ontario red - a pretty safe bet for any red meat.
Grapes: 85% Merlot, 15% Zweigelt. Do I know what Zweigelt is? I do not.
Tip: Serve slightly chilled
At a Glance
Taste dark berry, oak, vanilla
Smell black cherry, dark berry, light oak
Food grilled red meat
Sweetness dry
Price $12.95
LCBO# 612622

Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet 2006

Date January 8, 2010 | Chuck | Australia & Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Wine & Shiraz

Overall a fairly well rounded blend, although the two varietals together made me lean towards a merlot; since the shiraz's pepper notes weren't announcing themselves loudly.  Medium oak and rich plum were the center of attention in this bottle.
The bottle says this wine has won a few Asian awards...maybe my food pairing was wrong...lemme know!
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste dark fruit, oak, plum
Smell plum, dark berry, black cherry
Food grilled lamb chops
Sweetness dry
Price $12.45
LCBO# 106377

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