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Ironstone Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Date July 24, 2008 | Chuck | Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Wine & USA

This Californian cabernet has a medium-full bodied mouthfeel, very smooth tannins and silky finish.
Very well liked at the table by all, even non-affectionados.
Tip: described in a single word: delicious
At a Glance
Taste cassis, strawberry, tea
Smell mulberry, blackberry, menthol
Food grilled portobello mushrooms
Sweetness dry
Price $17.90

Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2007

Date July 20, 2008 | Sean | Chile & Pinot Noir & Red Wine

I am Pinot hear me roar! That statement should never come to mind when enjoying a Pinot Noir. Pinot's are subtle, elegant wines that carry light and bright flavors and aromas.
Opening and tasting this bottle at room temperature was a little overwhelming. It was bold, angled and a little obnoxious...trying a little too hard to be a "good Pinot Noir". However, 15 minutes in the fridge and this wine became a gentle giant. Smooth and relaxed, still a little too vibrant but overall nice flavors for the price point.
Tip: chill 15 - 20 minutes in the fridge before enjoying
At a Glance
Taste wild strawberry, licorice, raspberry
Smell strawberry jam, raspberry jello, menthol
Food grilled fine cuts of beef
Sweetness dry
Price $10.45
LCBO# 341602
Cono Sur Pinot Noir

Lindemans Bin 40 Merlot 2006

Date April 24, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

Bursting with ripe plum and dark berry flavours, this off dry Australian merlot can be sipped on it's own or paired with food. Noticeably, this wine is designed to be very palatable from the first pour to the last, it does not open up or oxidize as you make your way through the bottle.
For those taking note, get your pen out, as you could call this wine flabby.  To be balanced, it would need more tannin and acidity.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste grape, plum, vanilla
Smell plum, vanilla, menthol
Food roast beef
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.35
LCBO# 458679

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