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Château Godard Bellevue 2011

Date November 18, 2015 | Chuck | Bordeaux & France & Red Wine

Rich and concentrated dark berry flavours with a very dry and oak/spice finish.  I'd suggest holding this bottle for a year or two before opening late 2016 or 2017.
Right bank.  50% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, plum, spice
Smell plum, spice, oak
Food cheese
Sweetness extra dry
Price $14.95
LCBO# 426049

Beronia Tempranillo Rioja 2012

Date October 14, 2015 | Chuck | Red Wine & Spain & Tempranillo

I can say with confidence that Spain is going to be 2016's go-to for value wines.  It's not perfect in terms of acidity and finesse but this bottle has some structure and oak to it and is a great value for $13.  Try a spanish red already!

Alcohol/Vol 14%
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, cherry, oak
Smell dark berry fruit, cedar, spice
Food stew, game
Sweetness extra dry
Price $12.95
LCBO# 243055


J.J. McWilliams Cabernet Merlot 2011

Date July 12, 2013 | Chuck | Australia & Red Blend & Red Wine

Pickup a few bottles of this well rounded value red wine.  It was easy drinking and turned out to be a crowd pleaser.
Alcohol Content: 13%
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste pomegranate, oak. blueberry
Smell blackberry, cherry, spice
Food pizza
Sweetness dry
Price $10.45
LCBO# 621599

Barefoot Shiraz

Date December 8, 2012 | Chuck | Red Wine & Shiraz & USA

Barefoot could very well be leading the way on value wines nowadays (Yellow Tail fans...take note)
Having a value shiraz on hand that's also a crowd pleaser is always handy. Pickup a few bottles since they are currently under $10 in Ontario.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste dark berry jam, spice, vanilla oak
Smell blackberry, jammy, spice
Food french onion soup
Sweetness off dry
Price $9.95
LCBO# 54015

Château Poitevin 2003

Date June 21, 2011 | Chuck | Bordeaux & France & Red Wine

The second saddest part about cellaring is that when you finally decide to reach for one and it's great, you can't get any more.  Unless you bought a case to begin with.
Release Date: Sometime in 2007
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste spicy fruit, blueberry, leather
Smell dark fruit, spice, leather
Food ribs
Sweetness extra dry
Price $12.95

Candidato Oro 2005

Date May 24, 2009 | Chuck | Red Wine & Spain & Tempranillo

The aromas were much easier to identify than the flavours in this particular wine.  To add to the tasting notes below, there was something sweet and sour about this wine that stood out especially when mixed with herbaceous notes.
Although mostly tempranillo, this vintage was also blended with some grenache.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste sour berry, tomato leaf, bitters
Smell sweet smoke, spice, blueberry
Food cold cuts
Sweetness dry
Price $7.95
LCBO# 523811

Penascal Tempranillo 2005

Date February 19, 2009 | Chuck | Red Wine & Spain & Tempranillo

This Spanish tempranillo is what I'd imagine you'd find on most people's table in Spain, it's good table wine and the price is just right.
Although the wine is not very complex, I do like the firm tannins in play.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, oak, tea
Smell blackberry, vanilla, spice
Food lamb, stew, sausages
Sweetness dry
Price $8.95
LCBO# 343434

Carmen Merlot 2007

Date February 6, 2009 | Chuck | Chile & Merlot & Red Wine

So far in 2009, Chile has not been able to hold a torch to it's previous growth years which showed excellent wines at even better values. Hopefully this will turn around soon.
After reading the label that the people at Vina Carmen decided best represented this vintage, I was expecting a hit. I was wrong...actually their label mislead me. Specifically when they prepared you for a finish showing "soft tannins and a lingering fruit finish" I didn't taste either and the finish was far too hot.
Tip: chill more than usual
At a Glance
Taste dark berry, vanilla, oak
Smell black cherry, cola, spice
Food burger
Sweetness dry
Price $10.90
LCBO# 248625

Obikwa Shiraz 2007

Date July 30, 2008 | Chuck | Red Wine & Shiraz & South Africa

Let this value priced shiraz open up for about 20 minutes before drinking. Once mellowed, you'll find it quite palatable and very food friendly.
Not a whole lot to report back about, this bottle is your run of the mill - not bad - decent value - South African shiraz. If you're running in and out of the wine shop to pickup a picnic red, give it an extra half star.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste plum, spice, blackberry
Smell red fruit, spice, cassis
Food vegetarian lasagna
Sweetness dry
Price $9.50
LCBO# 527499

Fazi Battaglia Verdicchio 2007

Date July 12, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Verdicchio & White Wine

Excellent as a chilled aperitif, Verdicchio is a grape not well know to many. It's name is a derivative of the word "verde" (which means green in Italian) due to its slight green/yellow hue.
Warning: This bottle is so Italian you may be inclined to make your own tomato sauce.
Tip: moderate-high acidity
At a Glance
Taste mineral, light citrus, bitter almond
Smell pineapple, floral, mineral, spice, cassis
Food seafood salad or aperitif
Sweetness dry
Price $10.95
LCBO# 24422

Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha

Date April 12, 2008 | Sean | Red Blend & Red Wine & Spain

Take note of this wine from Spain, unlike other wines with cutesy names and uniform taste this wine is playing a different tune. Spanish wines are often very dry, dense and sharp. Spain has been making wine for a long time, but like Chile and South Africa its profile is on the rise.
I believe the wine maker set out to produce something different that would be welcome by most palats. And he succeeded. With lots of dark fruit flavors, berries and soft tannins this is an easy drinking wine on any occasion. As a bonus you can discover two grapes you may not have had yet.
Tip: Garnacha is Spanish for Grenache.
At a Glance
Taste currant, raspberry, plum
Smell spice, berries
Food braised beef, mushrooms
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.65
LCBO# 54007
Red Guitar

Peller Estates Heritage Series Cabernet Franc 2005

Date March 13, 2008 | Chuck | Cabernet Franc & Canada & Red Wine

The noble cab franc is not always a great match for the beginning connoisseur’s palate. This wine like many others has it extremes and unfortunately this wasn’t on the end on the extreme one thrives to be on.
Most aromas and flavours weren’t very pronounced (possibly due to over blending and importing juice). All in all, it’s a fairly inexpensive dry red, however I do like my francs a little more fruit forward.
At a Glance
Taste smokey red and blackberry
Smell currant, spice
Food roast beef
Sweetness dry
Price $11.50

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