Pillitteri Gewurztraminer Riesling Fusion 2006

Date October 22, 2008 | Chuck | Canada & White Blend & White Wine

An excellent buy that is full of flavour and aroma. In addition to the At a Glance section: the nose also has some spice and flint to it, while the palate is tropical, floral and citrus. How all this character got into this one bottle, I'm not sure but I hope Pillitteri keeps doing what they're doing.
Blend: 51% Gewürztraminer, 49% Riesling
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste grapefruit, pineapple, peach
Smell grapefruit, lychee, floral
Food ham, chinese takeout, chicken salad
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.95
LCBO# 349126

Ubuntu Shiraz 2006

Date October 17, 2008 | Chuck | Red Wine & Shiraz & South Africa

I'm trying to work out if this wine is popular to younger buyers due to it's price point or the high alcohol content...maybe (probably) both.  Still, the wine is not a bad buy. It doesn't however stick to the main characteristics of shiraz and I'm finding that new world wines (especially from South Africa) aren't a fan of abiding by old (good/proper) standards. 2 stars as the night's first bottle, 2.5 stars as the night's second bottle.
What does Ubuntu mean? Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, tangy oak, light spice
Smell raspberry jam, cedar, vanilla
Food bbq ribs
Sweetness dry
Price $9.45
LCBO# 665281

Pelee Island Merlot Cabernet 2006

Date October 12, 2008 | Chuck | Canada & Red Blend & Red Wine

This VQA wine has a medium bodied palate with moderate fruit from the merlot, but leans toward the oak barrel with prominent notes of vanilla.  The menthol is a nice addition from the cabernet side of the blend.
If you were wondering, the bird on the label is the American Goldfinch.
Tip: tulip glass, room temperature
At a Glance
Taste oak, vanilla, menthol
Smell vanilla, strawberry, violet
Food burgers, hot dogs
Sweetness dry
Price $9.40
LCBO# 619411

Masi Campofiorin 2004

Date October 2, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

This is the 34th vintage of this supervenetian comprised of: 70% Corvina, 25% Rondinella and 5% Molinara. This wine is made using the appasimento technique (double fermentation) and the result is a full bodied wine with soft tannins. There are hints of the following: resin, jam, violet and a tangy finish.
This wine will pair very well with a variety of foods including: red meat, sharp cheeses, osso bucco, wild mushroom risotto and veal parm.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, oak, prune
Smell raisin, mulberry, light oak
Food red meat, steak, sharp cheese, veal
Sweetness dry
Price $17.45
LCBO# 155051

$3 Wine?!?

Date September 28, 2008 | Sean | Editorials & Special Features

While on business in Chicago last week I encountered the much talked about "Three Buck Chuck".  Living in a highly controlled and highly taxed part of the world where wine is concerned you can imagine I almost fainted at the site of wine at $2.99.  After my colleague convinced me that I wouldn't be able to carry the 70 cases I was protecting like a rabid dog on a bone, snarling and growling at passers by I picked up just one bottle. The wine was a Cabernet Sauvignon from California produced under the brand Charles Shaw.  As this wine isn't available in Ontario I had to try a bottle and report back to nosnob.com readers. I didn't get my hopes up thinking I discovered Chateau Petrus for $3.00.  But I was surprised that it wasn't just alcoholic purple water.  It had many Cab Sauv characteristics, smelled okay and tasted okay.  While nothing really stood out about this wine, it was a novelty at $2.99.  If you're having a big party, making Sangria or boiling pasta in wine this will do in a pinch.

Trumpour's Mill Pinot Gris 2006

Date September 20, 2008 | Chuck | Canada & Pinot Grigio & White Wine

Newly available at the LCBO, The Grange of Price Edward has issued this very Canadian / New World pinot gris. This is a little more than I would usually be caught paying for a grigio but I wanted to be part of this wine's grand entrance.
With a fairly rich and full mouthfeel, this white will go very well with a spicy Asian dish or takeout.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste tart apple, straw, citrus
Smell golden apple, apricot, peach
Food spicy asian
Sweetness off dry
Price $17.00
LCBO# 69336

Eastdell Estates Black Cab 2006

Date September 12, 2008 | Chuck | Canada & Red Blend & Red Wine

Probably the most interesting meritage I've ever tried, this VQA wine from Beamsville is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Baco Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.   People taking notes will notice that the Merlot has been swapped out for the Baco Noir, which is no doubt what gives this wine it's funky edge.
Medium bodied, oak aging and the baco give this wine a really interesting, almost sweet and sour taste that keeps you guessing.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste vanilla, oak, tart blackberry
Smell sweet blackberry, sweet cherry, smoky
Food stir fry
Sweetness dry
Price $12.95
LCBO# 609875

Corte Zovo Sa' Solin Ripasso Della Valpolicella 2004

Date September 6, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Valpolicella

This DOC bottle comes all the way from the birthplace of ripasso, Veneto, Italy.  It's a tannic, medium to full bodied wine that would go very well with heavy beef dishes.
Hats off any winemaker that can achieve such smoothness while having an alcohol content of 14.5%, learn from my experience...drink slowly.  The price jump of 2 dollars from the 2003 vintage was sad to see, in Ontario: c'est la vie.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste rasin, cherry, black licorice
Smell blackberry, cherry, coffee
Food beef dishes, sheppards pie
Sweetness extra dry
Price $17.95
LCBO# 650713

Canaletto Nero d'Avola / Merlot 2007

Date September 1, 2008 | Chuck | Nero d'Avola & Red Blend & Red Wine

This Sicilian red is a pretty good IGT find. It's a medium bodied wine through and through with medium fruit tannins with a respectable length.
I learned something new when the winemakers comments read: each grape variety is vinified separately.
Tip: the nose outshone the palate, which nearly made it a 2.5
At a Glance
Taste plum, tea, menthol
Smell dark cherry, blackberry, strawberry
Food cannelloni
Sweetness dry
Price $13.55
LCBO# 29421

Pasqua Volto Primitivo 2006

Date August 28, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Primitivo & Red Wine

High five to all the tree-huggers out there, this is my first bottle of wine in a PET (plastic) bottle, and surprisingly I didn't hate it as much as I would have thought.  Although I wouldn't feel good about bringing a PET bottle as a hostess present, my favourite aspect of it was the smaller and lighter size of the bottle, while remaining to hold 750ml.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, although primitivo is genetically the same as zinfandel, it is not styled the same and doesn't hold a candle to a California Zin.  Maybe this skewed my option a bit due to the fact that I would love to find such a value priced zin, regardless, I found myself at a table with two others who thought the wine was quite nice.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste tart plum, sour cherry
Smell mulberry, blackberry
Food mushroom and parmesan pasta
Sweetness dry
Price $11.95
LCBO# 64121

Ascheri Barbera D'Alba Fontanelle 2005

Date August 26, 2008 | Chuck | Barbera & Italy & Red Wine

This medium bodied, single-vineyard barbera is a great value and a nice stray from the day-to-day varietals. For those of you trying barbera for the first time, Ascheri is a great doorway to one of the most planted grapes in Italy.
Benchmarks of a good barbera are: medium-low tannins, high acidity with notes of sour cherries, plums and herbs. Barbera is a great wine to pair with food, especially a saucy italian dish (thanks to the wine's acidity)
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, plum, spice
Smell cherry, vanilla, plum
Food cheese and spinach ravioli in tomato sauce
Sweetness extra dry
Price $17.80
LCBO# 982462

Spinelli Chardonnay Terre di Chieti

Date August 23, 2008 | Chuck | Chardonnay & Italy & White Wine

So far, Spinelli wines have offered good value for their almost unbeatable prices (by LCBO standards anyways). Here we have an unoaked chardonnay that is crisp and acidic. If you like chardonnay but find it too heavy, give this Italian a try as it doesn't show any hints of oak, butter or vanilla - tell-tale signs that your wine is drowning in wood.
Sean mentioned that this vintage reminded him of the hard cider named Strongbow. I guess my taste and aroma notes are right on.
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste apple, lime, citrus
Smell pear, golden apple
Food antipasto
Sweetness dry
Price $6.95
LCBO# 474239

Kittling Ridge White Zinfanel Vidal

Date August 18, 2008 | Chuck | Canada & White Wine & White Zinfandel

Although I don't keep white zin on hand, this white does make a pretty good summer sipper.  Yes, I was surprised...the varietal I usually call 'sugar wine' was sweet but not tooth-decay sweet or  syrupy.
I would choose this bottle over the Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi.  It's much more flavourful and expressive.
Tip: chill well
At a Glance
Taste strawberry, kiwi, melon
Smell strawberry, watermelon, bananna
Food apertif, fresh fruit
Sweetness medium sweet
Price $9.25
LCBO# 534693

Cline Zinfandel 2006

Date August 12, 2008 | Chuck | Red Wine & USA & Zinfandel

This best zinfandels come from California, so it's no surprise that this Californian delivers. What is surprising is that Cline has done it's customers such a favour by making this bottle so affordable. This is the second time Cline has released an overachiever at a great price, see their Syrah here.
This zin has a full mouthfeel, smooth tannins, lots of dark fruit and finishes with subtle spice and vanilla. Exactly what you should expect from a zinfandel.
Tip: grab a few bottles as this can be cellared for up to 4 years
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, spice, vanilla
Smell black cherry, raspberry, vanilla
Food pork ribs, pepperoni calzone
Sweetness dry
Price $12.90
LCBO# 489278

Pasqua Soave 2007

Date August 9, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Soave & White Wine

Here's a lesson to everyone, when shopping for a wine, just because it has a classification written on the label, doesn't mean it's a 'good' wine.  Click here to learn what makes a wine good.  So VQA, DOC, VDQS, AOC, etc.. just means the wine passed regulations.  Regulations that have no account for taste.
If you're served this wine, use it to make a spritzer
Tip: serve ice cold, and possibly in some sprite.
At a Glance
Taste lemon, citrus
Smell lemon, pineapple, honeydew
Food mix green salad
Sweetness dry
Price $9.90
LCBO# 171074

Casal Thaulero Sangiovese 2007

Date August 5, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Sangiovese

Cruising the isles looking for another IGT overachiever, I bought this bottle. While I wouldn't make it a favourite, it was worth the $7.10 I paid for it. It was a medium wine all the way from mouthfeel to tannins.
This wine is good, but if you're looking for sangiovese; be sure to try the nosnob favourite by: Farnese
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, red berries,
Smell cherry, berry, espresso
Food hard cheeses
Sweetness dry
Price $7.10
LCBO# 588996

Misterio Malbec 2007

Date August 2, 2008 | Chuck | Argentina & Malbec & Red Wine

The destination (Argentina) was right, but this wine wasn't really what I was expecting. The heavy violet aroma and tastes were overkill and not very characteristic, they also tell us the grapes could have used more time to ripen.
The plum and oak notes were nice but the bitter floral finish put me off.
Tip: tulip glass, slightly chilled
At a Glance
Taste violet (bitter floral), black plum, oak
Smell violet, black plum, oak
Food bbq red meat
Sweetness extra dry
Price $9.90
LCBO# 28803

Obikwa Shiraz 2007

Date July 30, 2008 | Chuck | Red Wine & Shiraz & South Africa

Let this value priced shiraz open up for about 20 minutes before drinking. Once mellowed, you'll find it quite palatable and very food friendly.
Not a whole lot to report back about, this bottle is your run of the mill - not bad - decent value - South African shiraz. If you're running in and out of the wine shop to pickup a picnic red, give it an extra half star.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste plum, spice, blackberry
Smell red fruit, spice, cassis
Food vegetarian lasagna
Sweetness dry
Price $9.50
LCBO# 527499

Malivoire Gamay 2006

Date July 26, 2008 | Sean | Canada & Gamay Noir & Red Wine

We had the fortune of previewing this wine months ago at an event in Toronto.  Since then I have been waiting "patiently" for this wine to make it's general release.  While I love a good Pinot, a great Gamay is irresistible.  Very close to $20.00 but very worth it for that summer dinner or BBQ with good friends.
To describe this wine in a word I would choose "elegant".  While it does incorporate some of the earthy qualities of a Pinot, it's a very refined and balanced bottle.  Ontario climate certainly has a lot to do with this all star.
Tip: 10 minutes in the fridge before severing - slight chill
At a Glance
Taste wild berries, earth, passion fruit tea
Smell raspberry coulis, black tea, wild blueberry
Food veal roast with roasted vegetable salad
Sweetness dry
Price $17.00
LCBO# 591313
Malivoire Gamay

Ironstone Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Date July 24, 2008 | Chuck | Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Wine & USA

This Californian cabernet has a medium-full bodied mouthfeel, very smooth tannins and silky finish.
Very well liked at the table by all, even non-affectionados.
Tip: described in a single word: delicious
At a Glance
Taste cassis, strawberry, tea
Smell mulberry, blackberry, menthol
Food grilled portobello mushrooms
Sweetness dry
Price $17.90

KWV Chenin Blanc

Date July 22, 2008 | Sean | Chenin Blanc & South Africa & White Wine

This wine gets it high score for two main reasons.  1. Value 2. It's not Chardonnay!  Whoa, hold your angry emails until you read the rest. As we've stated many times sometimes you want a white wine that doesn't carry the typical big bad Chardonnay character, overwhelming your meal at every sip.
This dark horse out of Sourth Africa is a very pleasant, easy drinking white on a hot summer day.  Excellent fruit and floral balance.  Clean and crisp on the palate and amiable to most foods.  So far this summer it has become the white house wine, and at under $10 a bottle, how can you go wrong?
Tip: Keep and eye out for value priced South African white wines - you'll be pleasantly surprised (most of the time)
At a Glance
Taste green apple, pear, melon
Smell grass, straw, candied pineapple
Food light summer salad
Sweetness dry
Price $7.95
LCBO# 18689
Chenin Blanc

Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2007

Date July 20, 2008 | Sean | Chile & Pinot Noir & Red Wine

I am Pinot hear me roar! That statement should never come to mind when enjoying a Pinot Noir. Pinot's are subtle, elegant wines that carry light and bright flavors and aromas.
Opening and tasting this bottle at room temperature was a little overwhelming. It was bold, angled and a little obnoxious...trying a little too hard to be a "good Pinot Noir". However, 15 minutes in the fridge and this wine became a gentle giant. Smooth and relaxed, still a little too vibrant but overall nice flavors for the price point.
Tip: chill 15 - 20 minutes in the fridge before enjoying
At a Glance
Taste wild strawberry, licorice, raspberry
Smell strawberry jam, raspberry jello, menthol
Food grilled fine cuts of beef
Sweetness dry
Price $10.45
LCBO# 341602
Cono Sur Pinot Noir

Goats Do Roam Goat-Roti 2005

Date July 16, 2008 | Chuck | Red Wine & Shiraz & South Africa

Alright, I think these guys are taking the whole goat theme a bit too far, considering they already tapped that well with the Goats do Roam bottle. I picked up this bottle because the aforementioned wine wasn't a bad value, this generation did not follow suit as well as I'd hoped.
For a new world wine, especially from South Africa, I almost expect a lesson on the back label about the varietal (shiraz, viognier), but rather find myself reading a novel about...what else....elder goats.
Tip: chill more than usual for a shiraz.  If you have this bottle, drink it in 2010 (it should be at least a 2.5 by then)
At a Glance
Taste plum, tar, licorice
Smell plum, blueberry, licorice
Food anything bbq
Sweetness extra dry
Price $19.80
LCBO# 943175

Fazi Battaglia Verdicchio 2007

Date July 12, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Verdicchio & White Wine

Excellent as a chilled aperitif, Verdicchio is a grape not well know to many. It's name is a derivative of the word "verde" (which means green in Italian) due to its slight green/yellow hue.
Warning: This bottle is so Italian you may be inclined to make your own tomato sauce.
Tip: moderate-high acidity
At a Glance
Taste mineral, light citrus, bitter almond
Smell pineapple, floral, mineral, spice, cassis
Food seafood salad or aperitif
Sweetness dry
Price $10.95
LCBO# 24422

Fontal Tempranillo Crianza 2004

Date July 4, 2008 | Chuck | Red Wine & Spain & Tempranillo

With a medium-full mouthfeel, this tempranillo is wide and juicy. Finishing off with sweet tannins and a fruity yet earthy finish.
Interesting note: Due to the region's (La Mancha) dry climate, the rows of vines are planted far apart so the roots don't compete for what little moisture there is in the soil between rainfalls.
Release Date: May 10, 2008
At a Glance
Taste dark berry, earth, oak
Smell red berry, earth, plum
Food sausage
Sweetness dry
Price $14.95
LCBO# 720235

Kumala Chenin Blanc Chardonnay 2007

Date June 28, 2008 | Sean | South Africa & White Blend & White Wine

Being deep in the summer heat means looking for something smooth and refreshing. Exploring whites under the $10 mark is always interesting. While I don't usually gravitate to a chardonnay this blend offers something with a little more depth than the usual Chenin Blanc.
South Africa is really starting to show it's potential in the table wine category as well as premium offerings. If your having a robust summer snack, grab a bottle with a little bit of body like this one.
Tip: chill really well
At a Glance
Taste honeydew, grass, citrus
Smell green apple, hint of citrus, straw
Food roasted garlic hummus
Sweetness dry
Price $8.70
LCBO# 572867
Kumala logo

Rosemount Diamond Label Shiraz 2005

Date June 27, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Red Wine & Shiraz

Australia is a great place to pickup a shiraz, and for general list, this one's not bad but I was expecting a little more balance on the tannin side and was left wanting more of a pepper note which this varietal is so famous for.
As far as shiraz goes, this one is easy drinking and smooth. My thoughts are this vintage is slightly overpriced, but I suppose someone's gotta pay for this fancy bottle :)
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, vanilla, dark fruit
Smell ripe dark fruit, subtle spice
Food lamb
Sweetness dry
Price $15.85
LCBO# 302349

Castelmonte Cent'are Nero d'Avola 2005

Date June 24, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Nero d'Avola & Red Wine

Although we don't see much Nero d'Avola on the shelves at the time of this writing, if enough people catch on to this well priced big red, there may be a shift in the winds. This Sicilian wine is made entirely from Nero d'Avola and has made the LCBO's Vintages Essentials collection seemingly out of nowhere.
Take note of these up and coming IGT Classification wines, they're tomorrow's favourites.
Tip: Vintages Essential
At a Glance
Taste dark plum, leather, espresso
Smell plum, pomegranate, espresso
Food calzone
Sweetness dry
Price $14.95
LCBO# 546192

Fetzer Valley Oaks Pinot Grigio 2007

Date June 19, 2008 | Chuck | Pinot Grigio & USA & White Wine

If you're a die hard fan of the extra crisp and acidic Italian pinot grigios out there, be prepared when you try out this fruit-forward Californian.
This vintage was definitely fun to drink with much of our time spent noses in glass.
Tip: serve chilled
At a Glance
Taste pear, grapefruit, apple
Smell pear, apple, orange spice
Food ham, butternut squash
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.05
LCBO# 34041

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi White Zinfandel 2005

Date June 17, 2008 | Chuck | USA & White Wine & White Zinfandel

White Zin always gets the cold shoulder from critics even though it's one of the top selling varietals in North America. Why? because it's a rose, it's light and it's sweet. Those three reasons are also my guess as to why it appeals to so many wine buyers out there, they make it easy and fun to drink.
Although the composition is 84% Zinfandel, an interesting spectrum of grapes are used for flavouring and balance: 8% Muscat, 4% Barbera, 3% Syrah and 1% Grenache
Note: given an extra half star because it's not as syrupy as some other white zins
At a Glance
Taste strawberry, light berry
Smell strawberry, floral, cranberry
Food ham
Sweetness medium sweet
Price $9.95
LCBO# 249656

Chantovent Shiraz 2001

Date June 13, 2008 | Chuck | France & Red Wine & Shiraz

Cellaring the right bottles and opening them at peak is a great experience.  I've had this bottle in my rack for 3 or 4 years, and over the years it's conjured up an very complex yet balanced nose.
As good as the feeling is, it's not as fun when you find out you can't get your hands on any more (at least until you visit the winery in the South of France)
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste ripe dark berries, oak
Smell raspberry, plum, vanilla
Food burgers, roast beef
Sweetness dry
Price $11.05
LCBO# 589457

Gray Fox Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Date June 8, 2008 | Chuck | Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Wine & USA

The LCBO has promoted this wine as part of their 'Taste California' release (on the value end of the scale).
Take note that this is NOT a 'Big California Cab'. It is a light-medium bodied red that could pull up a chair at the lunch table.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste cherry, light-sweet cassis, smoky
Smell cherry, berry
Food meatball sub
Sweetness dry
Price $7.90
LCBO# 527515

Pasion 4 Merlot 2006

Date June 4, 2008 | Sean | Argentina & Merlot & Red Wine

I will admit that I often check out the back of the bottle to get a sense of whats in the bottle. While you don't want to take too much of what the marketing department said to heart, you can usually get some insight. If you want a fiction story go to a library and borrow a book.
While the back of this bottle certainly had great expectations it did fall a little short (and thin). The wine was good and non-offensive but a little something was missing in the middle giving it that thin mouth feel. But still got a high value marks.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste raspberry, plum, chocolate
Smell rhubarb pie, raspberry, vanilla
Food grilled meat and roast veg
Sweetness dry
Price $11.95
LCBO# 59287
Pasion 4 Merlot 2006

Domaine Louis Moreau Chablis 2006

Date June 1, 2008 | Chuck | Chablis & France & White Wine

The fruit for this 2006 vintage was sourced from a single vineyard, which is key for picking up terroir characteristics.
We sampled this wine at the Toronto Wine & Cheese Show and found it very refreshing due to it's crisp acidity and the fact that it's never seen oak.
Tip: Released on April 12, 2008
At a Glance
Taste grapefruit, lemon, light floral
Smell mineral, floral, citrus
Food aperitif, white fish with lemon
Sweetness extra dry
Price $19.95
LCBO# 72363

The Little Penguin Merlot 2007

Date May 29, 2008 | Chuck | Australia & Merlot & Red Wine

This wine has it's place, picnic barbecues. It also has it's place with the many other merlots from companies who choose to name their product after animals or something cutesy. If you're a buyer of these wines and enjoy them, give this one a shot, I found it much more enjoyable than the merlot by yellow tail, and it's a whole nickel cheaper - I'm probably paying for the name ;)
To watch for: how this wine is sweet on the attack but finishes with a slight bitter note.
Tip: balloon glass
At a Glance
Taste cherry, raspberry, vanilla
Smell cherry, berry
Food picnic food
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.15
LCBO# 598912

Farnese Sangiovese Daunia 2006

Date May 27, 2008 | Chuck | Italy & Red Wine & Sangiovese

This sangiovese is very well structured for a wine priced under 8 dollars a bottle.  Another nice feature of Italian wines is that they're easy to pair with food, Italian food. Them's the rules...I don't make 'em :)
For another excellent value try this vino by Spinelli ( however we do find the Farnese more refined ).  What adds to this bottle's attractivness is it's high availability, price point and the wide range of foods it pairs with.
Tip: buy a magnum, it's great even after being left open on the counter for a day
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, rhubarb, gentle bitterness
Smell sour cherry, tobacco, leather
Food veal parm, pizza
Sweetness dry
Price $7.40
LCBO# 512327


Hillebrand Trius Riesling Dry 2006

Date May 23, 2008 | Chuck | Canada & Riesling & White Wine

This gently pressed, cool fermented (14°C) juice was aged in stainless steel tanks to produce a very crisp, citrus and minerally riesling.
This vintage finishes crisp, tart and steely. At the time of writing, the 2007 vintage is available. It will be interesting to see how a warmer growing season will affect the end result.
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste green apple, citrus (lime), mineral
Smell mineral, lemon, floral
Food light fish dishes
Sweetness dry
Price $13.95
LCBO# 303792

Bottle Language - Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español

Date May 21, 2008 | Chuck | Editorials & Wine Basics

Here's a quick translation table for a few common words you'll undoubtedly see while cruising the international wine racks at your local bodega :)

English French Italian
red rouge rosso
white blanc bianco
blush rosé rosato
dry dec secco
sweet doux dolce
sparkling pétillant spumante
English German Spanish
red rot tinto
white weiss bianco
blush bleichert rosado
dry trocken seco
sweet süss dulce
sparkling spritzig espumoso

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