$1.99 – are you frigging kidding me!?!

I’m in sunny California this week and of course had to check out Trader Jo’s to see what the wine situation is out here. California Merlot for $1.99 – nope that isn’t a typo – one dollar and ninety-nine cents. Of course I purchased a bottle and

rushed back to the hotel, which apparently is some kind of purgatory because I do not have cork screw! The front desk does not have a cork screw! None of the frightened guests on my floor have a cork screw (they get so edgy when you bang on their doors demanding sharp objects)! At this point your wondering how I am without bottle opening implements…the FAA and airport security are so damn picky about these things.

I don’t have high expectations, but I’ll take one for the team. $1.99, WTF.

1.99 Wine

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