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Welcome to nosnob.com


This site has been created for everyone who likes or has even the slightest interest in wine. Unlike traditional wine sites, nosnob.com will only review bottles of wine which cost less than $20.00. We feel that wine should be enjoyed by everybody, and we know from experience that the price tag doesn’t always equal enjoyment.


Posts will be delivered in an honest and straightforward fashion keeping the industry jargon to a minimum.


When we do use one of those fancy words, we will make sure we include it in the online glossary.


No egos




We are always accepting:


  • Wine you want reviewed
  • Winery Spotlight Suggestions
  • Advertising Inquiries
  • Random Thoughts


If you are a winery and would like your product reviewed:


    1. E-mail us for a shipping address
    2. Include tasting notes for comparison if available
    3. When sending bottles from outside of Canada, please mark the shipping material as: “Samples: Not For Resale”
    4. Provide the product value on the shipping slips.