Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Baco Noir 2014

Smooth and really fruity.  Drinks like juice.  Not a repeat buy at it’s full price but worth it if you haven’t tried Baco Noir yet. 
Alcohol/Vol 13%
At a Glance
Taste blueberry, sour cherry, spice
Smell strawberry, vanilla, plum
Food pizza
Sweetness off dry
Price $15.95
LCBO# 426528

Sandbanks Selection Baco Noir 2010

Deep, rich, flavourful and fruit forward. VQA from Prince Edward County.
LCBO number below reflects the 2009 vintage, review is for 2010
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste blackberry, leather, vanilla
Smell blackberry, chocolate, vanilla
Food pizza, bbq
Sweetness dry
Price $19.95
LCBO# 211318

Peller Estates Heritage Series Baco Noir 2006

Here’s a sub ten dollar VQA that I was going to mark as being off-dry but then changed it to medium-sweet just because the sugars and tartness kept lingering on in the finish.
If you’re a fan of Niagara’s baco and have found one you like, buy a few bottles because in my tastings I have yet to find two vintages that even remotely resemble each other. Nevertheless, it keeps you on your toes!
Tip: if you want to drive the ‘wine guy or girl’ at the party nuts, have them blind taste a baco noir 🙂
At a Glance
Taste currant, sweet raisin anise
Smell cherry, sweet oak, plum
Food grilled vegetables
Sweetness medium sweet
Price $9.95
LCBO# 582841

Henry of Pelham Baco Noir 2005

Baco Noir is something every wine explorer should try. This intensely dark purple red isn’t comparable to anything else, especially when it’s characteristics did not line up at all with the last baco noir I reviewed from Pelee Island, therefore, if you find a winery who makes baco to your tastes, buy a few bottles.
This particular baco is medium bodied, acidic, lightly oaked and off-dry.
Tip: tulip glass after 2 years of bottle aging
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, plum
Smell plum, smokey, sweet
Food cheddar cheese
Sweetness off dry
Price $13.65
LCBO# 270926

Pelee Island Baco Noir 2006

Picture yourself at a gathering huddled around the bar, uncorking a bottle and someone feels the need to review a wine aloud and says “I can taste earth and smell forest”. You think to yourself, what the heck..I’m just having some wine here! This bold baco noir will make you a believer and will make you say “oh yea, I can really taste and smell what that guy is talking about”. It’s medium body with a nice finish make this wine a good one to have on hand.
Tip: try this baco noir over merlot on your next pizza night
At a Glance
Taste raspberry, blackcurrant
Smell earthy, wet forest
Food pizza
Price $10.95
Sweetness dry
LCBO# 485128