Farnese Sangiovese

The house red lives. I’ve been recommending this wine for 5 years now and will continue to do so. This is the bottle that I always keep stock of because not only is it an amazing wine for $8.95 but it’s a crowd pleaser that’s very versatile.
This also comes in a large format bottle (1.5L)
Alcohol/Vol: 12.5%
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, tobacco, leather
Smell black cherry, tobacco, oak
Food lasagna
Sweetness dry – 11g/L
Price $8.95
LCBO# 512327

Di Majo Norante Sangiovese 2013

Meduim body with an extra dry and slightly rough finish.  If you love extra dry wines pickup a bottle of this sangiovese.

Alcohol/Vol 12.5%
At a Glance
Taste black cherry, medium oak
Smell strawberry, raspberry
Food ribs
Sweetness extra dry
Price $13.95
LCBO# 591974

Ciao Sangiovese

Medium-light body with a red fruit and red berry profile.  Very low oak, high acid, low tannin.

Alcohol/Vol 13% in a 1000 mL carton
At a Glance
Taste young cherry, raspberry, light oak
Smell strawberry, cherry
Food cheese
Sweetness dry
Price $12.05
LCBO# 29090


Fazi Battaglia Sangiovese 2007

Yes, another bottle that proves that Italian wine always goes with Italian food. It’s a good sangiovese at a good price, worth a try any day.

Warning: This bottle is so Italian you may be inclined to make your own tomato sauce.

Tip: Serve slightly chilled

At a Glance
Taste plum, sour cherry, light oak
Smell pomegranate, sour cherry, light oak
Food italian
Sweetness dry
Price $10.95
LCBO# 326306

Ruffino Il Ducale 2005

Here’s a great example of a Super Tuscan done right. This IGT wine is only IGT because it bent the rules slightly but it was worth it. A very close cousin to chianti, this bottle will pair well with any Italian food or bbq’d red meat. Overall it’s nice and round, medium to full bodied with smooth tannins.
Blend is: 60% sangiovese, 25% merlot and 15% syrah
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste dark cherry, chocolate, cigar box
Smell plum, cherry, warm spice
Food grilled red meat, ravioli
Sweetness dry
Price $19.80
LCBO# 27797

Casal Thaulero Sangiovese 2007

Cruising the isles looking for another IGT overachiever, I bought this bottle. While I wouldn’t make it a favourite, it was worth the $7.10 I paid for it. It was a medium wine all the way from mouthfeel to tannins.
This wine is good, but if you’re looking for sangiovese; be sure to try the nosnob favourite by: Farnese
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, red berries,
Smell cherry, berry, espresso
Food hard cheeses
Sweetness dry
Price $7.10
LCBO# 588996

Farnese Sangiovese Daunia 2006

This sangiovese is very well structured for a wine priced under 8 dollars a bottle.  Another nice feature of Italian wines is that they’re easy to pair with food, Italian food. Them’s the rules…I don’t make ’em ­čÖé
For another excellent value try this vino by Spinelli ( however we do find the Farnese more refined ).  What adds to this bottle’s attractivness is it’s high availability, price point and the wide range of foods it pairs with.
Tip: buy a magnum, it’s great even after being left open on the counter for a day
At a Glance
Taste sour cherry, rhubarb, gentle bitterness
Smell sour cherry, tobacco, leather
Food veal parm, pizza
Sweetness dry
Price $7.40
LCBO# 512327