Charles Shaw Merlot 2007

Only in America? This merlot came to us for $1.99. Often called two-buck-chuck, this wine is mostly found at Trader Joe’s in the United States. One thing is certain, we have never  encountered two-dollar wine in Canada…god bless America.
First thing is the colour, yeah thats right I spelled it with a “u”. Get over it. Great dark purple, with light edges. We were  actually surprised as this wine is not offensive, easy drinking and generally “not bad”. Does that make it a California Cab? Hell no.  But, if your having a group over or making large quantities of Sangria.
Tip: chill slightly
At a Glance
Taste cherry, strawberry, berry jam
Smell vanilla, strawberry, cherry cola
Food cheese nachos, cheddar, cold cuts
Sweetness off dry
Price $1.99

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