Gourmet Food and Wine Expo 2008 Picture Tour

nosnob.com attended the Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine Expo in November 2008. 


We had a great time trying new wines and talking to wine makers.  This event attracts thousands of visitors over 4 days and is held in downtown Toronto.


The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the drinks flow freely. The food component of the show is somewhat limited considering it’s the “Food and Wine Expo”. But who cares, if your like us you didn’t go for the food.


As usual the show was packed. Seems that any wine show in Toronto is usually overflowing with visitors…what does that say about Torontonians? (We’ll ponder that for a while and get back to you). 


In the mean time have a look at some pictures from the expo…do you see yourself in any of them?


If you attended let us know what you thought about this event. www.foodandwineexpo.ca





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