Malivoire Gamay 2006

We had the fortune of previewing this wine months ago at an event in Toronto.  Since then I have been waiting “patiently” for this wine to make it’s general release.  While I love a good Pinot, a great Gamay is irresistible.  Very close to $20.00 but very worth it for that summer dinner or BBQ with good friends.
To describe this wine in a word I would choose “elegant”.  While it does incorporate some of the earthy qualities of a Pinot, it’s a very refined and balanced bottle.  Ontario climate certainly has a lot to do with this all star.
Tip: 10 minutes in the fridge before severing – slight chill
At a Glance
Taste wild berries, earth, passion fruit tea
Smell raspberry coulis, black tea, wild blueberry
Food veal roast with roasted vegetable salad
Sweetness dry
Price $17.00
LCBO# 591313
Malivoire Gamay

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