Sawmill Creek Sauvignon Blanc

Here’s a nice medium-bodied white wine with a sticker price you can’t beat.
It exhibits a dry crisp citrus flavour with hints of green apple and oak.
I did notice that this wine is non-vintage, meaning that the juice is a blend of wine from more than one year. Should I care? well, for this class of white wine, nah.
This wine was also my first go at a Tetra-Pak® and I have to say, if I’m traveling with wine it can’t be beat, however I would never bring it to the table. And for me, yes, it does lose the romance factor of uncorking a bottle.
Tip: serve well chilled
At a Glance
Taste citrus, green apple, light oak
Smell citrus, light oak
Food shrimp
Sweetness dry
Price $9.95

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