Muriel Reserva Vendimia Seleccionada 2008

24 months in oak and it shows well.  Nearly overpowering but the tannins balance it well. 
Alcohol/Vol 13.5%
At a Glance
Taste oak, licorice, blackberry
Smell oak, black cherry, spice
Food tapas
Sweetness extra dry
Price $18.95
LCBO# 276030


Ravine Vineyard Redcoat 2007

With a medium body this 2007 red blend is very bright and has some nice acidity lighten it even further.
Alcohol Content: 12.4%
Tip: tulip glass
At a Glance
Taste red fruit, earth, oak
Smell licorice, red fruit, vanilla
Food pepper steak
Sweetness dry
Price $17.95
LCBO# 260406

Goats Do Roam Goat-Roti 2005

Alright, I think these guys are taking the whole goat theme a bit too far, considering they already tapped that well with the Goats do Roam bottle. I picked up this bottle because the aforementioned wine wasn’t a bad value, this generation did not follow suit as well as I’d hoped.
For a new world wine, especially from South Africa, I almost expect a lesson on the back label about the varietal (shiraz, viognier), but rather find myself reading a novel about…what else….elder goats.
Tip: chill more than usual for a shiraz.  If you have this bottle, drink it in 2010 (it should be at least a 2.5 by then)
At a Glance
Taste plum, tar, licorice
Smell plum, blueberry, licorice
Food anything bbq
Sweetness extra dry
Price $19.80
LCBO# 943175