Rating System

Rating System


Yes, that is an official nosnob.com tasting sheet! Avert your eyes, for no one who shall cast upon this will live to tell the tale. KIDDING! They are perfect for recording your thoughts about a wine or wallpapering the guest bathroom. Whatever your pleasure.


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In the spirit of bringing wine to everyone we wanted to be transparent about our rating system. Of course there are some big subjective issues when tasting wine. That is why we focused the majority of our score on what is called “correct characteristics”. Those are the smells, tastes and colors you should expect from a particular grape. Extra points are awarded if something really stands out in those categories. The characteristics we use to evaluate the wine are defined in the About Grapes section.


Below is a tasting sheet explained and a definition of the “oh so elusive” 5 stars.


Tasting Sheet Explained



5 It’s above and beyond our expectations. Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Wine snobs will think you paid big bucks for a bottle. It’s a steal under $20, consider picking up a few bottles. (We don’t hand these out often)
4 Golf Clap- This wine shows excellent characteristics and has some well developed flavors and smells that are sure to please. An excellent effort from the wine maker and the price is right.
3 Worthy of being in your everyday rotation. Weekday evening with dinner bottle that won’t disappoint.
2 Couple of good flavors and aromas, seems about right for the grape type. It was “ok” and will do in a pinch. Good for entertaining large groups without breaking the bank.
1 It is what it is. The rating will typically be given to a bottle that has correct wine like qualities. However no one thing stood out while tasting it.