Trapiche Reserve Malbec 2019

At a Glance
Overall Medium purple, vanilla, raspberry, tart black cherry, touch of spice, smooth finish
Notes You can tell when a bit of effort is made on wines at this price point. This is a great wine when you want to switch up your usual weeknight red.
Sweetness extra dry – 5 g/L
Food Jambalaya rice, smoked sausage, cured meats
Price $11.45
LCBO# 614651

H3 Horse Haven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

At a Glance
Overall Deep inky purple, cherries, blueberries, vanilla, cassis
Notes When I see Washington and Oregon wines I will grab one. A typical cab that hits all the right notes. The alcohol is high and hits your nose right away. Smooth and easy to drink. Crowd pleaser for sure.
Sweetness dry – 9 g/L
Food meaty pastas, carbonara, meat pie
Price $19.95
Online LCBO: 210047

Columbia Crest


La Vieille Ferme Blanc 2020

At a Glance
Overall Pale yellow, peaches, pears, unripe cantaloupe, hint of banana
Notes This is a value wine. Mass produced and aims to please everybody by being a little bit of everything. Nice acidity, easy to drink, but the flavours can seem artificial at times.
Sweetness extra dry – 2 g/L
Food variety of cheese, crackers, jams
Price $12.45
LCBO# 298505

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir 2019

At a Glance
Overall plums, black cherry, strawberry jam, chocolate
Notes When a wine delivers a text book example of the grape we sometimes call it “Correct”. This is a perfect example of new world Pinot Noir and is absolutely delicious. Lush juicy berries, jammy, hint of earth on the finish.
Sweetness dry – 7 g/L
Food roasted chicken, sautéed mushrooms, poutine
Price $15.95 on sale ($18.95)
LCBO# 13686

Alvi’s Drift Shiraz 2019

At a Glance
Overall Medium purple, very aromatic, violets, unripe blueberry, smokey, vanilla pods, floral
Notes There is A LOT going on in this glass. This wine is a little sharp from the acid and smokey from the barrel aging. Great against fattier meats and stews – definitely a food wine. South Africa is very under appreciated wine region.
Sweetness extra dry – 5 g/L
Food rich meaty stews, Korean style short ribs
Price $13.95
LCBO# 12429

Laroche Viognier 2019

At a Glance
Overall pale yellow, dried apricots, floral
Notes Viognier comes in many shapes and sizes…floral or tropical and even sometimes citrusy. This is basic white table wine and doesn’t live up to the grapes potential.
Sweetness extra dry – 3 g/L
Food grilled chicken, salmon, roasted vegetables
Price $13.00
LCBO# 377622

Ventoux Rosé 2019

At a Glance
Overall floral, hibiscus, honey, vaguely citrus, underripe strawberry
Notes Rosés get a bit of a bad reputation for being sickly sweet. This rose is definitely not that. The first time I tasted it a few years ago it was an instant favorite. Lately, it is so dry and austere it needs a moderately sweet companion to be properly enjoyed.
Sweetness extra dry – 2 g/L
Food fresh berries or berry forward sweet desserts
Price $14.55
LCBO# 134916

Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

At a Glance
Overall black cherry, currants, mocha, raspberry
Notes Scrapping in just under the $20 mark, this is a solid wine. Big currants, loads of berries, easy drinking. If you select your wines based on the fun label and value, this is a winner on both fronts.
Sweetness dry – 8 g/L
Food bbq, pasta, stews
Price $19.95
LCBO# 16481

Solid Ground Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (Sean’s Take)

At a Glance
Overall raspberry, black cheery, ripe blueberries, rhubarb pie
Notes GOOD DEAL ALERT!!! Loads of black cherry and overflowing with blueberry. Silky, aromatic, deep garnet in color. This is a steal of a deal under $20. We bought a few for future enjoyment.


But what did Chuck think?

Sweetness extra dry – 6 g/L
Food slow braised meats and stews
Price $17.95
LCBO# 13305