Yellow Tail Merlot 2006

Yellow Tail….ahhh, the world’s top selling brand. Lets begin.
This is definitely a love it or hate it wine, I found it to be in a class on it’s own.
If you’re a typical merlot drinker, you may not like this one.
If you’re not a typical wine drinker you may love this wine.
This wine has been labeled as being created in the boardroom rather than in the vineyards (translation: that’s what the kids call a ‘diss’, or what adults call an insult). So they try to appease the masses, good business and it shows, hell, they are the first winery I’ve found to display Nutritional Information.
Tip: open this bottle up for non-winedrinkers, you just may convert them to the dark side ­čśë
At a Glance
Taste an entire spice rack, juicy ripe fruit
Smell plum, oak, vanilla
Food bbq
Sweetness off dry
Price $12.20
LCBO# 625350

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