About The Site


Welcome to nosnob.com


This blog is the result of a couple of guys who love wine and work in technology. Nosnob.com has been created for everyone who likes or has even the slightest interest in wine. Unlike traditional wine sites, nosnob.com will only review bottles of wine which cost less than $20.00. We feel that wine should be enjoyed by everybody, and we know from experience that the price tag doesn’t always equal enjoyment.


Everyone who will be contributing to nosnob.com shares a love of wine, and wants to encourage everyone around us to explore this drink. Some of them will have formal training, and some will not. Some keep a few bottles on hand, and some have large collections. One thing that is the same with all the contributors is their enjoyment of wine.


Our promise is to present you with wine facts and information to help you easily buy and enjoy wines. Posts will be delivered in an honest andstraightforward fashion keeping the industry jargon to a minimum. When we do use one of those fancy words, we will make sure we include it in the online glossary. We are parking the egos so often associated with wine at the door. This blog is where people come together to experience wine and share that with their friends and family.



In the coming months we will explore countries, wines, gadgets, wineries and so much more. We have planned guest contributors, winery tours, photo blogs and some functionality for the site which is sure to be welcome. Nosnob.com, like wine, gets better with age. We will be adding new functionality and features as we grow. For now we invite you and your friends to enjoy our humble blog and hopefully get inspired to try something new.