Whitby Water Profile

Date January 8, 2005 | Chuck | Beer & Homebrew

From my experience campden tablets are good don't replace a physical low-flow chlorine and chloramine water filter.  This is twice as important in Whitby since the water smells like a swimming pool (night and day difference compared to Toronto)


Modifying your water profile is one of the last hurdles for an advanced homebrewer.  Changing your water will not make a bad beer good.  It will make a great beer...fantastic.


Your city's water profile will affect your final beer.  You can manipulate how a beer is perceived by fine tuning your water's mineral profile.  For example: higher calcium and sulfate levels can make your hops and bitterness brighter and less will lend itself to a maltier beer.


To help me figure out the amount by weight of my water additions I use EZWaterCalculator.  There's also the popular Bru'n Water (more powerful but has a big learning curve).  Having tried both, I've found the numbers come out very close. 


City of Whitby
  From the City
August 2016
Calcium (Ca ppm) 35.63
Magnesium (Mg ppm) 9
Sodium 15.36
Chloride (Cl ppm) 28.72
Sulfate (SO4 ppm) 30.1
Bicarbonate (HCo3) ?
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) ?
Total Alkalinity (CaCO3) 85.67
pH 7.58




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